[dropcap size=dropcap-big]S[/dropcap]ome poor cow died for this shitty sandwich. That’s what I was thinking while trying to scarf something down in not ... Read More
OMG you have to make this stuff. I mean, look at that.

Korean Seafood Pancakes

Korean seafood pancakes are so delicious, and easy to make, a great savory appetizer or brunch food, and these leftover "heemul pajeun" 해물파전 are amazing. ... Read More

30 Day Song Challenge – 2011

I'm basically using this month to figure out what my favorite song IS. I don't really know. I have favorite songs on albums, or faves by an artist, but it's hard to choose one song and say THIS IS NUMERO UNO. ... Read More

Mass Greeting Tweets

So I have this friend on Twitter...But he does something I've never seen, a new behavior that I don't really understand. And I don't wanna ask about it for fear of him thinking I'm a big giant jerk. ... Read More