by Flickr user Lindley Ashline: Shells, organized neatly

An organized life.

...some things shout, shout their memories, shout someone else’s name, shout your failures…and now the words whispered to me are loving, sweet, without malice... ... Read More

Part III: Forfeit

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]T[/dropcap]he white-white wings were missing. And now knew, after three-hundred-thousand minutes, definitely gone. She looked up from the burnt-out ... Read More

Meal Planning: Recipes and The List

A few years ago, tired of the dinner conversation, and no way to keep track of recipes and ingredients at the store, nothing to bring to lunch every day, and the “I would make XYZ but I don’t have any cornstarch” dilemmas, we put the titles of all of our favorite dishes into a shared google doc. ... Read More

In Retrospect (2014)

It's hard to say most of these things without them sounding trite, or resorting to tired aphorisms. But I know these things now — they're integrated into my DNA. ... Read More