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I’ve always hated winter – I don’t do well in the cold dark days with insufficient sunlight. These past two ... Read More


If my pets had voices… Tablo would sound like Will Smith…vulnerable, smart, loving, confident. Tesla would sound like Shirley Henderson ... Read More


I’ve been struggling lately, assaulted by people who derisively, condescendingly, and relentlessly demean my skills, who believe that I am ... Read More

Locked Out

So I’m not always the cleverest person around. I’m smart but I’m sometimes immune to details, little things that careful ... Read More

Drunk Ordering A Cat

Photo: Top row: FFAR/Petfinder pix. Second Row: two days after coming home with me.  [dropcap size=dropcap]I[/dropcap]n September 2014, I adopted a ... Read More

Dragon Mia

Image by tsaoshin Learning how to love myself has been hard. And although they could not hear as well as their ... Read More


Image courtesy of Chris Luckhardt – a brother the Internet helped me find. Thank you my sweet friend. Check out ... Read More

The One

In my recovery, I’ve been concentrating not only on myself, but also on what love means. What relationships I want ... Read More