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*I “like” your photo*


Are you a type who puts your partner’s well-being on the bottom of the list so long as your needs are being fulfilled?

Depends on what he’s into. I’m pretty open.

Same here. But we all have those hot buttons that set us off. What is your Kryptonite?

I’m an exhibitionist. And I’m deeply into getting pounded by men like you.

I certainly appreciate a mature body, whose legs go on forever…and soft, insistent lips. A real woman who knows what she wants. Although I am bulking up, my cardio is still my strongest asset and I have limited self-restraint once my pounding motion is on (I can run 2 miles in sub 13 minutes, 5 miles in less than 40).

You sound delicious

I taste even more delicious, especially when I am drenched in sweat from a gruesome exercise showcasing my assets.

I could watch that all day. Well, at least until my hunger overcame me…then I’d have to confirm that statement

Will you be unleashing your exhibitionist trait the whole time? Perhaps, it will help me get “a hard workout” for more sweating. My worn-out body will be on a silver platter for your enjoyment.

Oh yes. I’ll tease you the whole time. Make you work for it.

That’s so kind of you. Would you be generous enough to share a glimpse of your majestic legs that go on forever? πŸ˜‰

[photo sent]

Now I regret asking…it will be the most challenging task to maintain decency when faced with such a magnificent pair of legs, let alone a workout. That tat accentuates your mouthwatering thigh. I am shocked that you’re even on Reddit when you must be busy with dealing an army of young studs that will slave themselves away for you day and night.

Well mistress is picky. And I’ve pretty much ruined all the studs here. I should branch out.

I wouldn’t use the verb “ruin” for the generosity you bestowed upon them; rather, they should pledge their lifelong servitude to you. Are you a domme type? What are the traits you value in your newest potential addition other than:

You’re chill, intelligent, have opinions on things but aren’t a jackass, can hold his own in an adult conversation. 20s (younger 30s also fine). Height: 5’7”+ (I’m not anti short-guy, I just have a desire right now to feel feminine, and taller guys do that for me).

Rest assured that I’ve met all of your tangible criteria, but I strive to go above and beyond.

I’m a switch, depending on the energy between us. I know when a man wants to be used. And I need a man who respects me. Obeys. I’ll be good to him as long as he fulfills his end of the bargain.

As confident as you may sound, I see you’re also considerate enough to tender to your partner based on his traits. That’s a rare quality a woman of your caliber doesn’t often possess (you can have it your way all the time without worrying about a shortage of men).

Respect is to be earned, and I will assure you that I will never disrespect you even if I am not worthy of your time.

After all, even if it’s online banter I refuse to treat others in a discourteous manner.

Everything you say is music to my ears. How is such a good boy without a mistress???

Maybe that’s the model minority in me. I would like to say I waited for my moment, but that’s a cheap shot; people meet and part ways for various reasons. I will leave it at that. But I will assure you that I’ll always to strive to walk away from every encounter knowing that I learn something new, to better myself.

Rather, I am still in amazement as to how come a mistress like you is not too busy managing a dungeon full of studs. Would you be willing to let me in on why your city is already dried up? Of course, it’s a very personal question so I will be content with knowing my place if that crosses the line.

Honestly it’s very difficult to find good men here. I have to like someone before I’ll even let them touch me and…it’s hard to find anyone I feel like I can trust. And all the good ones seem to move away or find a girlfriend. Or they’re church boys. And not likely to be interested in the same things I am. I’ve been rejected by a church boy so I’m not even going to bother anymore.So I stopped trying, but my desire hasn’t. That’s why I’m spending time looking at beautiful bodies like yours.

I am sorry to hear that. I am a bit surprised that a big city like that has such a depressed market. Trust is a must in every relationship, especially if you want to add a D/s flavor to it. Not to be off topic, but Tinder really promotes a dating culture where sex is valued above humanity. From my short experience, it is extremely difficult–often frustrating–to find a partner with matching bedroom preferences. Even if they do, there are other areas coming into play.

Are you a Christian? Mind you, I am an atheist (no not in-your-face type) who embraces tolerance and pluralism.

I’m a live-and-let-live type…I don’t have a specific set of beliefs other than to be kind and do what’s right. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. But I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about. When I read your message I was TRYING not to misinterpret hahaha. I’ve found one Dom recently that I had amazing chemistry with, and TWO WEEKS after we met he moved to Seattle. Sigh.

I hope it’s not because of subconscious trauma from your previous relationships. Could you tell me more about yourself? Anything and everything I should know or you’re willing to share. I’d like to learn more about you–also, trying to gauge how I can better respect you.

Sorry to hear that. I am almost 9 hours away from your turf. I will understand if that’s a deal breaker. Even if it becomes strictly online, I am enjoying every single moment of this banter.

Well… I’m divorced, 4 years ago, x was a piece of shit. I’ve got a guy in NYC who can’t not lie – we tried an open relationship but he gets off on hiding things, and I need to be able to trust. We’re still in touch but he’s a narcissist lol so he has no idea how to see beyond his own needs.

I have cats and a dog, all rescued. Working FT in IT, teach at the university when they have a class open, am artsy etc. Tell me about you.Β And just having someone to talk to who appreciates me is wonderful.

Korean-American born in Bryan, raised in Korea for 14 years, and returned when I was 19. Married but living separately from my wife for a number of reasons (both professional and personal). I’ve been in the AF intel since 2002. My life has been revolving around work, exercise, study, and learning to be a more considerate, less stressed human being (took some counseling lately) thanks to 6 deployments to the Middle East and 10 years stationed overseas. Also has a rescue dog who traveled the world with me and is currently staying with my wife.

I hope I didn’t catch you off guard. I messaged you knowing F is the most important aspect. But I will understand if that’s a deal breaker. Lying is losing someone’s trust, and I refuse to do that even if we just met online only an hour ago.

And you being such a hot piece of ass is icing on the cake.

I appreciate that.

Wait. Bryan-College Station???

Yes, my parents are A&M graduates.

And your honesty is refreshing. You earned 1000000 points just saying that. What part of Korea? I spent a month in Seoul last year (2 years this April, god I miss it so much)…Life is complicated and we don’t always know where it’s taking us. Since you’re separated, it’s not like I’m interfering hahahaha. And I was born on an AFB.

Thanks. Still, I won’t get too bigheaded so rest assured.

Seoul. What part of Seoul? I was there for work Apr 2015 – Aug 2016. No, no matter what happens to us, I will ensure you don’t become part of it.

Am I chatting with a military brat?

Yesh!!!! Hahahaha! I even have my onesie from the base infirmary. SO TINY.

We stayed in Oksu-dong, in a friend’s apartment. It was a beautiful place but DUDE that hill was murder. Spent several nights with my friends (Korean in Korea and my BFF from here) drinking until sunrise in Hongdae. That playground is the SHIT.

Hey do you have KakaoTalk

Interesting! So you must’ve grown up seeing a good bit of the world, I assume?

Oksu-dong is a beautiful area by the river. There was a flat that I really wanted to move into. Yes, Seoul is very hilly. I am sure the peeps down the hill enjoyed the great view of a sexy pair of legs at least. πŸ˜‰

Oh Hongdae…I have so many fond memories from there back in the day (no worries, I am clean).

I do. But can I keep this on Reddit for now? I am not suspecting you or anything. It’s just that I rarely use my phone at home, and I am not allowed to use my phone at work.

Unfortunately my mama found out my dad had another family so she left the AF and used the GI bill to get her masters. With 2 toddlers at her side.

That’s very respectful. Going to school full-time while taking care of two kids? What a role model she is.

Yes, many foreigners find it ridiculous (in a good way) for the public safety, 24-7 party scene and convenience, and funny old people.

What’s the allure of Korean men? Also, you asked me how come I don’t have a mistress. Can you fill me in on your kinks or/and domme traits?

I’ve always dated Asian men – since I can remember I’ve been in the same classes, elementary through high school. My friends were Korean girls. Something about the way Korean men look, idk, it’s a strong preference.

And I’m an empath – I work to feel what you feel, and then choose my next move based on that. If you respond well, I continue, and if you don’t, I try another tactic. I’m about velvet gloves, satin soft sheets and lazy Sundays in bed. I can’t stand pain, and prefer to work with your kinks and forbidden desires to make you lose your mind. Subs make good dommes because we submit by controlling. Does that make sense?

Interesting. Without exposing myself too much, I have always proven my partner their efforts were paid off when my needs were fulfilled. I once dated a Norwegian girl. Having dated her countrymen known for their barbarism all her life, she admitted later that I dispelled every stereotype of Asian males. I understand it holds no importance for someone who values emotional connections. Still, I am not just a boring, goody-goody type.

What was your best sexual experience, though?

It does. Personally, I’ve never met a true domme so it’s difficult to embrace the concept but that’s all the more I always strive to stay open-minded.

I took myself to NYC for my birthday one year and had a whole lineup waiting for me. In addition to going to museums and art galleries I spent my time hunting. The first one I met up with took me to Korean BBQ for my birthday, and couldn’t keep his hands out of my skirt. He asked the waiter in Korean if he thought I was hot or not. That poor kid ran away with his face on fire he was so embarrassed. When we left the restaurant, he pulled out a blunt and we smoked together in a little alley in Ktown, laughing and acting like idiots. Then he got this look in his eye, pulled me up against him, turned me around against a cold brick wall, and had his way with me. I didn’t even pretend not to want it. He wasn’t quiet either, and a group of young Asian businessmen stopped and stared and he told them to fuck off.

I told the rest of the lineup I was busy, and had this boy every night in my hotel room. Lots of hot sweaty fucking, but also eating takeout and watching stupid movies together and telling him to stop snoring lol

He got up at 5am every day to go home, shower, change, and go to work, but every night he was with me and it was awesome.

That’s hot. Honestly, not many men will be able to keep their cool with legs like yours in a short skirt. Although I respect no (though it will be the hardest thing in the world), I don’t blame him for what he’d done to you.

I went on a vacation with this girl in Bali. It rained a lot, which kept us in our hotel room most of the time. We averaged 8 – 9 hours of sex every day, with me doing the most work. She was even cool with a kinky outfit I brought; I ensured she could barely get on her feet because of her shaky legs from my merciless pounding.

That would be heavenly. I wasn’t at all averse to his treatment, obviously, I was on vacation to get good dick for my birthday, and he more than provided. πŸ˜‰

Also, short skirt, high-heeled boots. And I’m yoga-flexible, so…

I am glad he treated you well. πŸ™‚ An intelligent, sexy, and considerate woman like you shouldn’t get any less or waste time with jerks.

Uhm…I have an extremely soft spot for high-heeled boots, especially if they are knee-high or thigh-high–I instantly gained an extra inch or two. My apologies, I’ve gone too far.

And yoga flexible? It makes me wonder even more how come you’re not taken by a Kpop-celebrity-looking bachelor with a great prospect.

Hahahahaha! Maybe that’s my destiny. Maybe I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through in order to appreciate blessings later πŸ˜› Most guys don’t know how to handle an intelligent woman, much less one that won’t put up with bullshit.

And I’m quite welcoming of any description of how your body responds…so I know what to wear when I see you. I’m very very interested in your body. VERY.

And you’re one of the most interesting men I’ve met in a while.

Never settle for mediocrity! If men can subdue their ego for once and respect their partners’ intelligence, they will be shocked to learn their efforts well compensated. Unfortunately, Napoleon complex is not easy to overcome.

Maybe I just shot myself in the foot by giving away my Kryptonite. It’s okay; I want you to get the most out of my body if that ever happens. Just don’t hate me if I make you cry–not because of violence, but because of punishment for tempting me. πŸ˜‰

Likewise, you are one hell of a woman.

You’d better make me cry. I’m looking forward to it.

So 9 hours away? Where does that put you?


Omaha, NE.

Ohhhhhh yeah. Quite far. Ever come to Dallas?

Unfortunately, no. Maybe someday, but in my current situation it will be difficult to travel that far. πŸ™

Icic…We’ve got time πŸ˜‰

Indeed. Good friends last forever. But do let me know if your buzz dies off. Maybe somewhere in the middle?

Hahaha I’m serious when I say you’re rare.

This is a convo I had TODAY.

Men suck.

Yesterday evening

And last Friday I heard from a guy I’d forgotten about who spent 2 hours on or first date talking about himself. I don’t even remember when that was but he texted me Friday and said “Yeah, you’re right. I just got out of the hospital and I need someone to help me cook.”

The actual hell LOL

Haha. Sorry he wasted your time. Too transparent. Where did you meet him?

Maybe I lived a relatively sheltered life or am surrounded by the right kind of people. It never ceases to amaze me when I see that kind of behavior online.

Bumble. All 3 of them. It’s less rapey than Tinder, but still.

I see. Well, who would’ve thought Reddit was worth your time today? Haha.

RIGHT?!?! I expected to just praise you and make your day a bit brighter πŸ˜‰

You did indeed. Thanks again. πŸ™‚ I didn’t post that photo looking for anything in particular.

Not to mention the photos of the most gorgeous pair of legs…I am afraid I will have “a hard time” falling asleep tonight…

Things sometimes happen for a reason. Maybe we both needed a new friend.

Agreed. And it tends to do so in the most unexpected way.

Are you on FetLife? I rarely go there but it’s useful sometimes.

I’ve had an account there for a day. Most of them seem to be looking for male Doms and female subs. Also, it’s not as racially diverse.

What is the first sexual thing that came to your mind when you saw my post?

I love a clean-cut man. And those shoulders. I thought about your weight on top of me. And I want to see more. I thought about how good it would feel to touch you and run my fingers over those tight nipples ughhhhhh flick them with my tongue. Your body spreading my thighs.

I actually saved that pic to my phone…for later.

I will remember the routine. πŸ˜‰

Likewise, I saved your leg photos. I thought them wrapped around my head, forcing me to shove as deep into your crotch as possible, so I can start off with gentle licking, kissing, and caressing while I run my hands up and down your million-dollar thighs like cherished artifacts.

Thank you for sharing them. It was a bit rude of me to ask for photos so early in our convo. When I saw your post about “legs that go on forever” I couldn’t help…so generous of you.

sent 22 hours ago

You deserve it. I’m not shy I just don’t suffer fools. I asked about Fet because I have more pix up there. In case you were interested…

sent 22 hours ago

I am highly interested…I logged back in now. Would you be kind enough to share your handle?

sent 22 hours ago

Same as here – lemondrop168

sent 22 hours ago

You have lovely boobs. I love your long, shapely legs as well. I can only imagine how irresistible they would be in high-heeled boots…

sent 22 hours ago

Mmmmmm thank youuuuuu

sent 22 hours ago

I’ve spotted a leg man!

sent 22 hours ago

Oops, sorry. Is that a turn-off?

sent 22 hours ago

Hell no! I’m gifted in several areas πŸ˜›

sent 22 hours ago

Mind me asking how tall you are? Your legs do seem to stretch to heaven endlessly…

sent 22 hours ago

I’m 5’7″…

sent 22 hours ago

Perfect height! I am 6’1″, so feel free to rock your awesome shoe collection. πŸ˜‰

sent 22 hours ago

OMGGGGGG I wish I could be with you TONIGHT.

sent 22 hours ago

I bet I could even wear my stilettos for you

sent 22 hours ago

I am sorry, my bulk-up isn’t complete yet. It’s mostly going to my lower abs at the moment.

sent 22 hours ago

Fuck. If I saw you on the street I’d melt into a little puddle. And that’s fully-clothed. THIS photo. Wow it’s so hot in here now.

sent 22 hours ago

I looooooooooooooove stilettos paired with a miniskirt. Do you have any stiletto or high-heeled boots too by chance?

sent 22 hours ago

I can’t imagine you looking BETTER than this

sent 22 hours ago

Yep, heels and heeled boots. Knee and thigh high and a pair of suede laceup stilettos

sent 22 hours ago

I will pour that puddle into a bottle, take it home, and mold it into a lovable fucktoy for the night.

sent 22 hours ago

Mmmmmmm I’d follow you anywhere you asked me to go.

sent 21 hours ago

If I may, could you please share a photo of you in a miniskirt and stiletto heels or knee-high or thigh-high boots? I know it’s troublesome, so no worries if you’re not in the mood today.

It will take me a few months to do it right, but I am getting there. πŸ˜‰

sent 21 hours ago

I’m clearing laundry off my bed to go sleep but…I’ll find time this week for you. Heels or stiletto boots?

sent 21 hours ago

Hmm, could you show me the photos of the shoes?

sent 21 hours ago

White patent w/ black velvet, silver, white and navy patent, black

sent 21 hours ago

I like them all…:) I trust your taste. Surprise me.

sent 21 hours ago

I will sweetheart…I’m about to crash. I’m so so so so happy we met. And I can’t wait to talk to you again. Hopefully tomorrow but I’ll understand if you’re busy

Xoxoxo and sleep tight my sweet boy

sent 21 hours ago

Do you have 5 minutes before you go? I got something to say.

sent 21 hours ago


sent 21 hours ago

I won’t log onto Reddit until the 27th. I am going to fly to see my wife for 2 weeks tomorrow morning. I am not ghosting; as much as I enjoy our banter, I have to be faithful to my wife during that time. Would you be okay to continue on our convo in two weeks?

sent 21 hours ago

Ohhhhhhh. I misunderstood “separated”. Sure thing, have a great time!

sent 21 hours ago

Thanks. Would you mind if I look at your miniskirt photo tonight, imagining my head trapped between those thighs? Know you’re not a domme (based on your Fetlife profile), so I will understand if that puts you off.

sent 21 hours ago

Just…I don’t feel so much like taking that pic right now. We’ll see. Safe travels.

sent 21 hours ago

Oh no! I am not asking for a pic. I was talking about the pic you sent to me earlier! My apologies.

sent 21 hours ago

The one you took in a driver’s seat.

sent 21 hours ago

I meant the skirt pic. I just got ahead of myself. I just realized you’re not divorcing, you’re just not living in the same city. And sure the pic is yours.

sent 21 hours ago

Sorry for the confusion. I will understand if you’d prefer me not to message you again.

sent 21 hours ago

It just changes how much I’m willing to do for you. I’ve learned a valuable lesson. It stings. I thought you were different. I’m just hurt for the moment, and I should have clarified before believing whatever I thought you said. Have a good trip, and I’ll talk to you after.

sent 21 hours ago

Sorry again. I will assure you there was no lie the whole time we talked. I tempted to say I am single, fly over to Dallas for the most brain-numbing sex but that’d be the surest way to disrespect you. Even if I would never have a chance to meet a woman of your caliber, I didn’t want to dis you by lying for my own benefits.

I will not touch myself to the photo nor will I leak it online. I promise.

sent 21 hours ago

Next time say you’re married, living apart. Separated is a legal state of a marriage that’s almost divorce. What stung was the “faithful” part. It’s ok, I’m going to bed now .

sent 21 hours ago


sent 14 hours ago

Good morning.

sent 12 hours ago

Oh. Hi. I didn’t expect to hear from you today…

sent 11 hours ago

How is your morning going?

sent 10 hours ago

Just got to the office. Heating up breakfast.

Great. Most important meal of the day. I just wanted to say thank you again for the chat yesterday. Best Sun I’ve ever spent in a long time.

Same here. The reason it stung is not because I think we will be dating any time soon, just that if you’re legally separated, you’re more available than if you’re married and “faithful”. The faithful thing hit me hard, too, because I don’t see myself as some kind of homewrecker tbh. It was just a double-whoah. I kinda had some hopes of a long-term friendship, but if you’re married and plan to stay married that’s gonna eliminate a lot of possibilities.

I realize you didn’t lie – I just didn’t ask enough questions. And hoping is unusual. I’m jaded and tired of idiot men. Im glad there’s at least one non-idiot, but…he’s married!

Do you two have an arrangement that allows you for your freedom when you’re not at “home”?

Sorry. I just landed in London and saw your message. I will write you back soon. Again, I apologize for the miscommunication.


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