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I wasn’t exactly on the prowl for a kitten…but I follow Furry Friends Animal Rescue on Facebook, to share the kiddies they rescue, and one day in my feed, up popped Sapphire:


I’m a sweet little girl, and I look unique. My fur is black with long silver hairs sprinkled over me like sparkly tinsel on a Christmas tree! I’m fluffy and very soft. When I’m relaxed or sleeping and start getting petted, I purr loudly. When I play with my siblings, I’m a little gentler than some of my siblings.

I love people and being petted. I’m beautiful, playful, entertaining, loveable, curious, and snuggly. Since I was born in a loving and healthy home with people and other pets, I’m very well socialized with people, very healthy, and have a great disposition!

My favorite thing to do is wrestle and play chase with my 7 siblings. I love running, climbing and exploring anything new. I also enjoy playing with people fingers and toes, toy mice, string, shadows, and toilet paper rolls!

When I get tuckered out, I usually curl up with a few of my brothers or sisters, or with someone in bed. I like the other adult cats in the house, even though they sometimes hiss at me. Dogs scare me but since I’m so young I would probably get used to one if it was nice to me and I was around it a lot.


So I contacted my cat dealer, Lisa, and asked her about Sapphire. Apparently she’d just been adopted that day, and while I was happy for her, I was (and still am) kinda sad. Not that I don’t love Aoife to pieces, but I was looking forward to this unique little girl, and increasing the size of my #blackcatmafia. I wasn’t in a hurry, though, and decided to hold off on looking for another. Lisa texted me that these black cats with silver-tipped fur usually grow out of that coat, but still. Then she sent me another text.

“I have the perfect kitten for you. What’s your email address?”

And she sent me this pic of a tiny grey kitten, saying “This is not a very good picture, but she says she is a beautiful kitten with a personality to match. :)”


Welp. Yeah. That really is a very uninspiring photo. She looks like she’s either got an eye infection or she’s about to sneeze. And she’s not a black cat, nor is she anything out of the ordinary. Just another kitten. But I trusted Lisa’s judgment, and she trusted the foster mother’s judgment, so…all right. I’ll meet her. I resolved that if she wasn’t perfect or awesome in some way, I’d veto.

Set up a time to meet at the PetSmart in a neighboring suburb, and I got there before they set up the weekend pet adoption fair. The kitten was set aside in a pet-carrying box which in retrospect is great because the dude who was there chatting up the adoption lady and I had a joking exchange about “No, she’s MINE!” I opened the box to look in at this kitten and she pulled this move immediately, squinty eyes and all:


only with this sweet little face and those big anime eyes:


and just like that it was


I’ve gotta say that again: OVER.


She hasn’t ceased to be an amazing kitten, and she’s helped all of the older cats to be a lot more playful, especially Pig, who didn’t play with any of the black cats, but can’t seem to get away from Eefs fast enough (hahahaha). She brought Kitty Parkour and crazy four-cat chases to our home, and looks like a walking cloud. She does loopy things, and constantly bashes her hard little head into things, and she’s just the best. I’m glad I gave her a chance.


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