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  1. Right is right even if no one is doing it — what feels right, or difficult, probably is
  2. Let go of complaining — negativity and complaining or “venting” doesn’t actually solve anything, and time is of the essence
  3. Let go of self-defeating ideas — imaginary hurdles warp our ideas about what is possible
  4. Let go of fears — healthy concern is OK, but worry and anxiety defeat hope
  5. Let go of judgment and criticism — allow others to live their lives
  6. Let go of blame — in looking to explain things away we often try and find fault in something or someone
  7. Let go of trying to impress other people — being false is harder than being true to myself, and I cannot force someone to think something
  8. Let go of excuses — own my actions, make smarter choices, and learn from my mistakes
  9. Let go of trying control — much of what happens around me cannot be controlled
  10. Let go of the past — yesterday has passed, tomorrow is not guaranteed; today is all I have
  11. Let go of resisting change — patiently embrace change as an opportunity for something new and better
  12. Let go of living life to other people’s expectations — each of us is gifted; each has a purpose, a talent, and a soul to nurture; only I can find mine


Modified from 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy


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