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Videos shot and edited by Colleen Lin.

Videos shot and edited by Colleen Lin.

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]B[/dropcap]ack in February, I applied for a workshop with Philip Bloom, my DSLR filmmaker idol. His film, Sea: Canon 5DmkII native 24p is a gorgeous work showcasing my favorite subject…I ran across the contest in my RSS feeds and thought oh hell, why not apply. It’ll take maybe ten minutes and there IS a possibility that I’ll get to go…

I did not expect to be chosen, and I thought it was silly to even apply since I haven’t made anything in years. But I still have that bug, that passion, and I still want to give it another shot. It’s gratifying that they chose me to participate, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea. Me. Wow.

I’ve included below the application I submitted – I don’t know what made them choose me, or what it was that made me one of the lucky 25, but I’m forever grateful, and beyond excited! Two of my friends have lent me equipment that I simply never thought I’d needed until suddenly I need it two weeks from now. I’ll be spending this weekend ramping up, editing old footage, getting my feet wet again.

Hold on to your hats, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

[divider]The Application[/divider]

Tell us about you and your work?

My favorite pieces to make are ambient pieces, that give a sense of place through visual and audio cues, and music, elegantly timed, and often closely linked. My best work is usually inspired by something that I see and love – I have to have a passion for something to make a good, inspired film about it. I’ve made short docs about things for work, or web release, and they’re OK, but they don’t have as much of my heart as other topics that I relished.

To be honest, I have struggled with the creator’s dilemma, something I have heard other artists struggle with – the incessant desire to make something, but you don’t know what. Sometimes I know what but I don’t know how. Or I am too afraid to mess it up to even start. I want to break out of this tortured self-examination and be fearless again, like I was before. I’d love to dive right in and begin with guidance form a filmmaker whose work I have immense respect for. I actually made a trip to SF and visited the Sutro Baths based solely on Philip Bloom’s video – I deeply appreciate his visual storytelling skills, and I think I could offer something just as magnificent f I took the time to try. And maybe had a bit of guidance hahahaha.

Even after giving up on it so many times, I keep coming back to this incoherent dream – I still want to make documentaries, I still want to represent the world I see through my eyes, and share it with others. I don’t know what my topic will be, but I want to keep learning how for the day I actually find it. And who knows – maybe I wasn’t waiting for divine inspiration, but that the work I would do while waiting to be inspired would inspire me.

How would you rate your shooting and editing skills?

Both need work, obviously, or I wouldn’t need this workshop hahaha, but seriously, I think I’m a better editor than cameraperson. I know my technical skills need work, but my editing, I feel needs less refinement than my shooting does. I would LOVE this opportunity for guidance.

What equipment do you currently use?

I use a Canon 7D to shoot – I used to use a Flip HD in tandem but eventually it stopped working :S I’m looking into a GoPro but I haven’t decided on it.

What do you hope to get from this workshop?

I hope to get advice on refining my skills, guidance and direction in honing my craft. My life has taken a few wrong turns the past few years, with multiple illnesses, one almost fatal, and several heavy emotional losses. I need to get back into visual storytelling, and this would be an amazing opportunity to do so. 2015 is the year I reclaim my life, if that’s not too corny, and I would love to reclaim part of it in this workshop, sharpening my skills as a filmmaker.

Send us a 90 second clip of something you have shot and edited?

My favorite pieces, with times indicated in minutes: seconds. I hope you don’t mind that they’re longer than 01:30 – I can edit down a Best Of if need be…?


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