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Two little girls played with time. Out in the garden, the sun shone down as they built a machine – just so. The sunlight hit mirrors and glass until in an instant and a rainbow, both of the girls disappeared.

Their atoms travelled to the stars where they were scooped up by Orion. He gave them to his beloved Artemis, who held them in her heart. Together they learned from the great huntress, never to be bored, never to be satisfied, to hunt, to be hungry, to be curious.

Time came when the goddess knew to send the girls home. One born in winter, one born in summer, throughout time, in the past and the future.

In all the worlds there are two such little girls. They play made-up memories and hunt for one another in futures untold.

Always onward to the great adventure in their hearts – Orion caught them, Artemis taught them.

So now we are women in this time, still hunting, still playing, still learning. Just like those little girls.

Orion says hello – look up any time on any world and I will too.

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The origin story of Made Up Memories – The stories of two little girls and the history that didn’t exist lives on Jemimah Knight’s blog.

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