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Remember when we went to war with the fae? We started first thing on Saturday morning, building our fort and putting our arsenal together.

No cushion remained on the couch that day, no potted plant was safe. Our armour was made up of oven gloves, wellington boots and whatever we could find in the kitchen. At dawn they came for us, Candy and Seamus joined us in the fort, hissing and barking a warning. We fought bravely until lunch when Mum brought us sandwiches and milk.

We bolstered our fort with a ring of cacti, painted our faces blue and continued the struggle. The cat and dog deserted us, the fae grew in number, and we started to wonder if the game was up.

We retreated to the closet to imagine our final plan.

That’s where you found the box of ping pong balls Grandma gave us. It saved the day. Using toilet roll tubes, we shot fairies out of the air. They beat a retreat and we won the war.

That night we slept deeply, dreaming our dreams of a victorious war.

Orion says hello.


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