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Remember when we went to visit Cthulu? It was the day after we got his invitation way after lights out. We fell asleep drawing our maps to get to his cave.

It took us all the way from breakfast to lunch to find his cave. Once inside we had to go so far into the dark, we started to wonder if he wasn’t home.

Finally in the darkest recesses of the cave, we heard him call to us. It was scary and nearly froze our tiny hearts.

But then you spotted a tentacle moving n the shadows. Cthulu emerged into the dim light. Unloved and feared and alone. But adorable in his strange way.

We told him right there and then that we would stay for tea but we had to take our souls home with us because we needed them.

We got home so late that Mum and Dad had sent out a search party. We even got a ride in a real police car.

We never did remember how to find Cthulu’s cave again. But we made a new friend that day. That’s what counts.

Orion says hello.


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