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Hey, you remember Alison Jones? You know that girl who walked under the sea that summer?

That summer when I broke your goggles and you hit me in the mouth. Then mom and dad talked to us about Alison and how she wouldn’t be coming back.

I had a dream about her. We were sunburnt and sandy again. But she was okay, she’s still under the sea, She’s smiling and has, like, 6 new legs, all wavy and long. She still has all those freckles, too.

Weird, huh?

She said she was happy walking under the sea, making her own way, doing totally different stuff to the rest of us.

I wanted to go into the water, too, but she said no. Smiled and turned over in the surf. I couldn’t see her after that and my alarm went off.

I’d forgotten that summer in 1977. We were scared for her then, maybe wherever she is now, she’s okay.

Maybe it was just a dream.

Did I ever apologize for breaking your goggles? I’m sorry about that even now.

Orion says hello.


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