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Eason Chan recording Baby Song

A lot of Eason’s songs are piano-based, and I really wanted to save this song for another prompt this month, but with a solo piano, if I could play this song, I could play it just for myself and sing along.

Eason wrote this song as a collaboration with his daughter, who plays the piano part on the track,

The singer’s production company EAS Music — which was established earlier this year — is the main producer of the album. As Eason’s upcoming album is the first to be produced by his own company, Eason was said to have arranged for his daughter to play the accompaniment in his new song ‘Baby Song’.

The loving father had previously featured Constance’s laughter in his album Life Continues and had used her photo as the cover of his album…

And last but not least, I often sing this song to Salju, my chicken noodle, because she’s my baby, and precious to me.

Baby Song

你的眼睛 像顆水晶通透
小小的你 在你小小的夢裡

Your eyes, crystal clear
Hold an endless universe.
Tiny you, filled with tiny dreams,
Blow all of my adult worries
Away in the wind.

我為我將 對你撒的謊先跟你道歉
世界 不是那麼的公平
別太失望 我講的是個夢想

I won’t lie to you, so I tell you
That black and white is not so clear,
That the world is truly unfair.
Please don’t be disappointed — that kind of world is just a fantasy.

不要讓 任何人告訴你

Don’t listen to us, too much, though —
Don’t let anyone tell you
How you should see the world
Or how it is that you should think.

可惜 世界不及你好
原諒我們 我們都還在找

Stay as you are now,
Let your eyes and heart stay pure.
The world won’t always welcome you —
Forgive us for not achieving the fairer world we’re seeking.

不過你只需要 傾聽

[These two lines I’m not too clear on – about how time flows and growing up]
Time’s only responsibility is to flow on,
It’s not responsible for nurturing you as you grow,
But you need only to listen,
Please just listen to your heart.


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