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vine-app-iconI’m a tester-outer, which means I am usually an early-to-mid adopter. I don’t try EVERYTHING but if I hear enough about it I give it a shot. So it was with the new Vine service. I joined to give it a shot and see what all of the fuss was about. I’ve used on-phone video editors like Viddy, whose UI leaves much to be desired, but is functional. I have used Vimeo’s in-phone editor and found it to be much more than I needed for ephemeral update-style on the fly videos.

Side note: Interesting but not surprising that all three of these VIdeo apps have “Vi” as the first two letters.

Side-side note: Half Price Books’ #firstpost

I loved the initial experience as a user to Vine’s app. Instructions for posting videos were simple, clear, and easy to follow.

My main complaint is that the username process isn’t as transparent as it should be.Apparently usernames and “searchable” names are different. When you sign up by linking it to your Twitter accounVine Sign Up Screent, it never asks what your username should be. It is, (apparently?) different from your “searchable name”.

The name you fill in on signup is searchable, but the username you signed up with is NOT. Or I can’t find out how to search by it, which amounts to the same thing.

For example, while trying to find my friends on Vine, I refuse to allow a new and untried app access to my address book (after the Highlight debacle mentioned in this post). I know their usernames, have seen them post Vines on Twitter (implying that their accounts are linked), but cannot find them on Vine to add them.

One user’s name on Twitter is @johntony. His Vine handle, he assumed, was @johntony since it was linked to his Twitter account.

However the blank where I put “Vine User” asks you to put in your “full name” – but this is the only field by which users are searchable.


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