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It’s well known in the iPhone world that a website built with Flash won’t show up on your iPhone. And it never will. But many restaurants have Flash-based websites.

When am I most likely to look at a restaurant website on my phone? When I’m not at a computer, and probably out and looking for a restaurant, especially when I’m out of town. I usually follow links to a restaurant website from some location-based service like Yelp, or AroundMe, to see which restaurants are nearby, look at their menu to determine pricing and whether I want to eat that food, and then get driving directions.

If the restaurant’s website is Flash-based I can’t even see their home page, much less their menu. Yes, Flash websites are sexy and you can add MUSIC (which is almost always a turnoff).

Now, true, there’re rumors that the iPhone is losing ground to the Android phones, but there are also reliable indices that state the Q4 iPhone sales this year will be enough to affect the US GDP.

As a restauranteur, do you really want your business to be cut off from all of those mobile users? Setting aside whether “you” use your mobile phone, or your Flash website is hawt, or you have an iPhone or other device…do your customers? Or new potential customers?


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