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Momoco has two nominations; Prologue, Imaginary Forces, and Framework Studio each have one.

American Horror Story


Prologue: Kyle WJ Cooper, Title Designer, for FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television

  • Juan Ruiz Anchia, Director of Photography
  • Gabriel Diaz, Editor
  • Ryan Murphy, Designer


Great Expectations (Masterpiece)


Momoco, Nic Benns, Title Designer, for PBS • A BBC Productions / Masterpiece Co-Production

  • Rodi Kaya, 3D Artist
  • Tom Bromwich, Titles Producer


Magic City


Imaginary Forces, Ahmet Ahmet, Designer/Creative Director for Starz • Starz Entertainment, LLC

  • Michelle Dougherty, Designer/Creative Designer
  • Kathy Kelehan, Producer/Creative Lead
  • Danielle White, Editor


New Girl


Framework Studio for FOX/Chernin Entertainment in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television

  • Conn Reilly, Producer
  • Veva Burns, Art Director
  • John Priday, Creative Director


Strike Back


Momoco, Nic Benns, Creative Director/Designer/Animator for Cinemax • Left Bank Pictures in association with British Sky Broadcasting and Cinemax

  • Miki Kato, Art Director
  • Joe Lea, Compositor/Editor

UPDATE: PBS took the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design for Great Expectations (Masterpiece)!

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