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I just got my new custom die-cut stickers from Sticker Mule (@stickermule on Twitter) last Friday, and boy are they awesome. Sticker Mule even gifted me with a set of 50 extra stickers (doubled the order) in exchange for telling you about their product, and we think it’s well worth it.

The stickers, while small (appx. 3″x1.3″) are bright and made of high-quality sticker-paper that never fades and doesn’t scratch. Longevity FTW!

I will definitely order from Sticker Mule again – they’re pricy but such high quality stuff that I don’t mind paying for it. I got my Sticker Mule deal on AppSumo. App Sumo has Sticker Mule deals regularly, so you should be able to catch something like this again in the near future.

Let me know if you want a sticker!!

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