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So I have this friend on Twitter…He’s a very sweet guy, but we’ve never met; I started following him this year because he’s in Hawaii and was reporting on the potential tsunami from the Chilean earthquake. But he does something I’ve never seen from any of my other tweeps, and never experienced except through his friends. I don’t know if his other friends do this, but it’s a new behavior that I’ve never seen before, one that I don’t really understand.

And I don’t wanna ask for fear of him thinking I’m a big giant jerk, or somehow insensitive.

There is the initial mass tweet, usually “good morning”, but then EVERYBODY on that tweet replies to EVERYBODY on the initial tweet with a similar “good morning”. I sometimes get 11 or 12 (or more) replies to the initial tweet.

Initially I thought it was a more genial FollowFriday, but nobody has followed me after these mass tweets. The tweets don’t happen every day, and almost all of the participants reside in Hawaii.

There’s nothing wrong with the mass-greeting tweet, I just don’t…see the purpose? I feel like if it’s to be truly interactive, it should generate interaction of a longer-term sort than just the “hi back” variety. @djsmook follows back, interacts with me and I think he’s awesome, so I know that it happens.

One possible explanation is that they already all follow each other already, which is quite likely, and that they didn’t even notice the outsider (me).

Another possible explanation is that they see the mass of @s and think gah, I’m on my phone, I don’t have the time to deal with this, so just hi back!

Maybe it’s because they’re all in Hawaii, and people are friendlier there. Maybe it’s a different Twitter subculture, like hashtag people, or “I only use Twitter to post my Foursquare checkins” people.

Or maybe it’s like the “how are you doing” greeting in person – if someone gave you an actual explanation, it’d be a big giant hassle, and nobody’d say it anymore.

But then…why reply-all? Because everybody else does it and they don’t wanna seem rude for not playing the game the way everyone else is?

If I had more info on the relationships between them, I’d know more about it, but I don’t.

What do you think about this curious phenomenon? Has it happened to you? What do you think?


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