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So this is my favorite song

To sing along when the DJ throws it on

And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep

And wake up,…..hopefully she got some teeth

OK, if you were worried, worry no more. It wasn’t the whole tooth, it was just a sliver of tooth, and the dentist whittled down what was sharp, and it cost me about $60.00. Not bad. I called Mama and she said, “Now, see, 99% of what we worry about doesn’t even happen.” And she’s right. I should have talked to them, said something, I just was…scared.

As, apparently, was Tay last night. Brought him and Mecca over to Tony’s place so they could stay with me, and Taylor cried and cried and cried all night, in a cute “Lookit, Mama, a door! Open it, Mama!” sort of way that wasn’t so cute at 4am. Squirted him and yelled NO and locked him in the bedroom and locked him out of the bedroom and put him on the porch in the 30-degree weather, and let his freezing ass back in, and…it took Tony an hour in the living room petting him and consoling him to make him shut up. I have been exhausted all day because of it. But teeth are good, Tony is the best, and my cheese-kitty is not my favorite hamster today. I do, however, love Abbie…thanx Pamie!

…You gotta have teeth, baby!

It just wouldn’t look right.


Me, big lips…

You, no teeth…

It wouldn’t work…


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