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I am working on the website for that friend of mine, and I keep finding myself wishing that I wasn’t going to work tomorrow at my actual job. I am having so much fun, enjoying my work, hoping it brings me somewhere. I keep thiking it has to, eventually, that my beautiful portfolio that I worried and slaved over, my work and “talent” and investments over the years are not going to waste. I miss working on websites all day, but I also miss not being afraid all day every day at work.

Why did I quit smoking NOW?!?

On that note, me and my ex habit are still separated, and it is only impossible to deal with when I am dying to quit my job. But then I run to Tony’s place and make him pet my hair and poor-baby that urge away. I would definitely still be a smoker without Tony.

I love this warm weather, yo. It’s been like 80 degrees almost every day. Fa-byu-luss.

Am bringing Tony to OKC for Thanksgiving. Hope the fam doesn’t scare the shit out of him… mwha ha ha ha…now we’ll see if he really does love me…


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