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I finally heard from Adeline today thru email. I miss her so much. It’s the little everyday things, like a conversation, or a dumb thing I did, or something I noticed, or something he said, that I miss telling her, and hashing out with her, hearing her opinion. I can’t even hardly find time to write in this damn thing, so email is tough, which is frustrating, because writing cleanses my spirit, as if I have put everything into God’s hands. My confessions. I have no internet access over the weekend usually, and nights I am so busy with students and relaxing and bathing and cleaning and getting work clothes ready and not caring on the damn couch I’m so tired. My back hurts so much right now, sitting here typing this thing, and I think I have to stop soon. But things are going to change, I can feel it. There’s manifold happiness coming in waves, and I want it to wash over me…


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