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I approached my superior about my long-term prospects and, though I don’t want to get my hopes up, I am excited that we will be discussing my transition to the company soon. Imagine: Being able to pay for an apartment. By myself. Buying groceries. By myself. Having insurance. Maybe Tony is lucky for me after all, though this whole thing started before I met him, it is coming to fruition when I am with him, and happy…and happy.

I heard from an inside source (coworker) that Kohl’s is having a badass sale. Do you know how pumped I am about this? Bargain shopping!!! Friday night!!! Woo HOO!!! No, seriously, I am getting a contact high from just imagining the bargains. And CLOTHES…I love clothes. She got a pair of shoes for like $8 and a dress for 90% off. How can I not go??? There’s a Kohl’s right by the office here.

Would kill to listen to 50 right now. In the office. On FRIDAY!!! Am psyched about the job thing. And the shopping thing. And the TONY thing…tie me to my chair so I can get something done.


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