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It’s raining again. Damn. I get to see the whole glorious sight out of my office window, but I wonder if it will make me late to my lesson tonight. I always don’t want to go to these lessons. They end up being OK, but before they start I feel this sense of dread, and after they start, the time drags, and when they’re over, I am so relieved. But there’s no way I am going without that extra paycheck.

I think “extra” should be spelled with an exctra “c”, so we can use the damn word for etcetera and extra and I won’t get irritated with people’s pronunciations of those words. How many people have you heard say “ex-cetera”? Lots, right? And in “extra” the c will be silent. This will reduce my stress.

I don’t want to get wet going outside again. With my chichi Nine West shoes tucked safely in a Wal-Mart sack, my hair pulling a Monica…but at least the rain’s not freezing, and it’s a nice warm summer Texas rain.

Dude, 40 minutes til work’s over…sigh. I need some work to do!!!


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